HxmeGrxwn Spring 2014 Collection


Cover Spring 2014

Long considered a jack-of-all-trades in South Florida, the fashion brand HxmeGrxwn has seen it’s name attached to an handful of noteworthy projects relating to animation, motion design, cinematography and digital illustration among a slew of visual art competencies. Resourceful, vivacious would only describe half the battle we have here, which is of course indubitably lucrative for HxmeGrxwn since the final victory doesn’t always measure up to the losses suffered in between it all. The casualties we speak of could be mistakes in execution; maybe a setback or two provided by the crushing hands of the clock that doesn’t stop ticking.

To our gracious luck, there is no need to arrange a service to commemorate lost souls (or time), in fact we have the wonderful opportunity to do the exact opposite and celebrate the triumph of HxmeGrxwn’s 2014 Spring Collection. Through the use of a rollover display (“scrollbar”), the official lookbook for Spring 2014 is presented in a similar manner of a ‘timeline’ that brings all the pieces together. Each product has a neat backstory attached to it, which is also detailed in the construction of each item. Photographed by EMFIGG, the Spring 2014 lookbook is going to be looked upon as a crucial turning point for HxmeGrxwn, which is electrifying for those who aren’t afraid to indulge in something new and refreshing.

At first glance, the essential highlights of this collection include the Corduroy Snap (w/ white logo embroidery), MIA Jersey (100% polyester) and the Brighton L/S (w/ reflective print). Branding in this day and age where brands are being launched at hyper-speed as a product of the Internet is imperative, but it’s always a pleasure to see pieces that are a little different from the norm that can be incorporated in one’s everyday street style. The Spring 2014 lookbook can be accessed (in its entirety) over here, and you can head over to HxmeGrxwn’s official shop to purchase any of the items you see presented down below.


Brighton Inspiration

Brighton L/S

Corduroy Snap




MIA Jersey

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