Powdered Alcohol May Be Coming To A Store Near You…..yikes



Palcohol…powdered alcohol that requires pouring the required substance into water and stirred to create your alcoholic beverage. And the “rum” and “vodka” version can be poured directly into mixers like Coke, orange juice and etc. If the company has its way, the powdery substance will be available in U.S. stores this fall. Each packet is the equivalent to one shot of alcohol.

In total there will six varieties: Vodka, Puerto Rican rum, Kamikaze (the Margarita version), Cosmopolitan; Mojito; and Lemon Drop.

It looks like the labels of the product are still getting approved, and until they are full approved they can’t make any release date or pricing announcements. But the powder is undergoing federal tests in the U.S. and it should be noted that it can be added to food and such.

And now, the billion dollar question? Can you….or more importantly, would you actually snort this stuff like cocaine and sh*t?

Mark Phillips, Palcohol’s founder, says that he’s never tried the product on its own, but that his concern is to promote the legal use of the product.

Yikes. We gotta’ bad feelin’ about this. Story developing…

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