Eating House’s Annual “420” Dinner Menu Revealed



420 Grub At Eating House

Sunday Funday is all about eating and chilling. If you’ve sparked it up on Sunday night only to get the munchies and seriously depressed when you remember Eating House isn’t open Sunday nights, then you feel our pain. Well, for the first time ever, they’ll be opening for dinner Sunday night this week. No, not for Easter (c’mon now). In case you forgot, it’s 420 this upcoming Sunday.

The national holiday makes everyone hungry and Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli has a tradition for feeding this craving for the past couple of years, so nothing was gonna stop him. Menu is prix-fixe and served family style for $42.0 per person, with drink specials for $4.20.

In case you get hungry on 420, which you will, here’s what you’ll be munching on: mac & cheese croquetas, duck wings, lobster tacos, hawaiian pizza, carbonara loaded fries, lil’ macs, mini cap’n crunch pancakes, and tierra nueva chocolate pancakes.

Whatchu waiting for? Make your reservation now. They’re strongly suggested.




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