10 Things We Learned From Mike Epps



Mike Epps is one funny dude, but then you already know that from watching cult classics “Next Friday,” “Friday After Next,” and “All About the Benjamins.” Homeboy stopped by our lovely city and shared his comedic flare during the South Beach Comedy Festival last weekend.

The “After Dark Tour: Comedy For The Grown And Sexy” taught us a couple of things about love, life, and side bitches. Here’s 10 things we learned from Day-Day Jones himself.


1. No matter how hard you try, if you’re an iconic character in a movie, you’ll never shake the name. Day day!

2. 2 Chainz is really 55.

3. He’s a die hard Pacers fan and acknowledges he goes home sad every year after the season’s over because the Heat bullshit all season only to show up for real during the Playoffs.

4. He can do one hell of a Obama and Clinton imitation.

5. His baby mommas are all ugly. No seriously, Google “Mike Epps Babymomma.”

6. North West looks like a mix between Ray J. Kris Humphrey, Kanye and him.

7. Stevie Wonder is secretly not blind.

8. Ice Cube dumped him for Kevin Hart.

9. They are making another Friday with him and Chris Tucker.

10. You have to eat pussy to keep your woman happy, more than once a week.


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