RUMOR: TMZ Says That Some Miami Nightclubs Have Banned Justin Bieber – (LIV, Story and Adore)


FAMEFLYNET - An Angry Justin Bieber Leaving His London Hotel

TMZ is continuing on their Justin Bieber Miami news watch. Apparently, they’re reporting that Bizzle Justin Bieber is getting denied from all of Miami’s top nightclubs after creating such a PR nightmare for Set Nightclub after being arrested by police shortly after leaving the club back in late January. They say that Bieber is not worth all the problems and attention. Plus, he’s under 21 years old (age 20).

However, another part of the report said that one (or all) of the clubs said that if Beebs agreed to perform one song or get on the mic, that they’d definitely reconsider since laws state that if you are a performer or “employee” of a nightclub, you can be on the premises without issues.

Source: TMZ

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