HONEY OF THE DAY — Olivia Pierson – (25 Photos & Her “Culo” Video)


Olivia Pierson Main

Olivia Pierson is a model from Vancouver that was apparently featured in the infamous CULO book by Raphael Mazzucco. A book about big booties and such. However, we searched tirelessly through the book and could not find her…its hard work but someone had to do it.

Either way, she has an Instagram account and she’s absolutely beautiful. Curvy bottom, curvy top and light eyes.

Check 24 more photos below and a quick old interview of her at the end. I didn’t listen to not a word she said but she looked good saying it. Peep game…

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olivia-pierson-model-17olivia-pierson-model-18 olivia-pierson-model-08 Olivia Pierson Bikini Olivia Pierson olivia-pierson-model-02 olivia-pierson-model-03 olivia-pierson-model-04 olivia-pierson-model-05 olivia-pierson-model-06 olivia-pierson-model-07
olivia-pierson-model-09 olivia-pierson-model-10 olivia-pierson-model-11 olivia-pierson-model-13 olivia-pierson-model-14 olivia-pierson-model-15 olivia-pierson-model-16
olivia-pierson-model-19 olivia-pierson-model-20 olivia-pierson-model-21
Olivia Pierson California Olivia Pierson Red Carpet Olivia Pierson The Dirty

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