REVIEW: The Legendary Grandmaster Flash & Tom LaRoc Tore Up Rec Room Last Night – (Photos & Audio Preview)



Dear Rec Room. More of last night please.

Who knew Grandmaster Flash still had it in him. He’s come a long way since “The Message”. Getting a chance to see the legend live at Rec Room’s friday night party and that was an opportunity I could not miss because this kinda’ stuff happens very seldomly. The party was PACKED.

The homie Tom LaRoc was on the decks warming up the crowd before Flash came in – playing a variety of old school hip-hop, funk, soul and more. And also, just to set the mood for you – the crowd was ultra sexy with so many beautiful woman. Like…these curvy white women that you wouldn’t even know existed in life. And its another of those parties where the ratio is like 5 women to every one guy. Seriously. But back to the music…

Tom held it down with a dope set for a few hours once doors opened and then Flash came in at about 1AM to bless the crowd with one of the craziest hip-hop sets we’ve heard in a while. He read the crowd perfectly and basically gave the crowd a “best ofs” mix of ever year of hip-hop since conception. And his ENERGY was “on” from the moment he arrived. Flash is 56 years old and was keeping that crowd going and keeping his energy up better than a deejay in his early 20’s. The only drawback from his set might be that he didn’t really “mix” much, except for a few acapella overlays on a few more modern beats. And then, to end his set he went out with Pharrell’s “Happy” and just let the vibe fade out from there. Perfectly executed. Salutes to a legend because he really impressed me and everybody who was witnessing what he did last night at Rec Room.

I wasn’t able to get a couple of the whole set, but here’s a little 45 second preview of the energy and the selections he was throwing on.



And a photo with Tom LaRoc and Grandmaster Flash.


Photos From Last Night

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