The U.S. Created A “Fake” Twitter For Cuban People To Use To “Influence” Anti-Castro Agenda – (Bird Logo And All)



This is crazy. President Obama and his administration created and funded Β a “fake” social network called Zunzuneo to create a little anti-Castro buzz in Cuba. Genius? Yes. Extremely weird? Absolutely.

The logo (the one below, not the one above) for the fake social media network is even similar to Twitter’s bird logo just more stylized and with a different color scheme.

The website reportedly gained over 40,000 users at its peak before getting shut down. The last Facebook post from the site was back in June 2012. So does that mean that the experiment failed? Of course it does, but its still a pretty conniving little secret project using the modern ways of communication and socializing.

And to keep the social network below the radar, several “front” agencies and companies were used as the front of the website.Β The messages on the site were ordinary daily news and sports talk, but the objective was to make it have an inflated following to then pull the trigger on the anit-Castro messages and influence.

Here’s a small screenshot of one of the pages (and of course, the site doesn’t exist anymore).

Source: The Verge / Local 10






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