How We Won The Internet Yesterday With April Fools



You know, after having such an incredible April Fools last year when we tricked basically anyone in Miami that had the internet into thinking In-N-Out Burger was coming to Miami – we thought there was no way to top our shenanigans. I mean, there’s no way we could fool a bunch of people twice, especially since they’d probably be expecting us to do something this year again.

Well, we were wrong. Here’s the Ocean’s 11 breakdown.

So how could we fuckin’ troll the internet once again? We’ve been giving this shit thought since January and as corny as it sounds it was three months of throwing ideas around etc. We had to do food because that’s again, the universal common denominator with the current state of America (lol).

So we thought, how about we do three “fake stories” – two sorta ridiculously fake stories to throw people off (ie. Lebron selling house and The954 announcement) and then the “REAL” April fool…the now infamous Publix Sub Stand Alone Shop. And then we lucked out by having a fourth story that sounded sorta’ fake sounding but still real to throw people off (ie. Lebron rapping).

While a lot of people clicked and fell for The954, I mean if you clicked on the site you would clearly see it was fake and didn’t exist. Yet, people still sent resumes telling us how much they liked the new site (lol). Real shit.

Secondly, we posted the fake Lebron story saying how he listed his house for sale….uh oh, opt out, opt out, opt out. As I write this people are still sharing that article and believing it despite a fake and ridiculously named Realtor and two “This Is An April Fools Joke” tags. So yeah, a moderately successful appetizer for the main course (pun not intended).

In comes the PUBLIX SUB shop story. We’re not gonna’ lie. We straight up jacked our format from our In-N-Out post from last year and duplicated it thinking “man, if people fall for this again…good lord, its not possible”. And well, the internet did. So much so that our super servers on were shutting down all day. We received more traffic yesterday than we ever have on It was 6 times the traffic compared to the day of the In-N-Out Burger prank. Let’s just say it was a lot of fuckin’ people. So many retweets, 50,000 Facebook shares (and counting) and tons of disappointed folks. Keep in mind we did mention in the actual article in the second paragraph that it WAS an April Fools joke, but in this day of people not reading anything but the headline – things went haywire on the internets. And we also put it was a joke in the bottom of the post tags as well. But the most unexpected part of everything, Publix actually acknowledged the April Fool and had their PR staff working overtime all day responding to people that were duped by the prank. Wow. Totally unexpected. Apparently, people ride and die for them subs.

So yeah. Sorry Miami. No standalone Publix Subs sub shops.

And you know, we most likely won’t do a prank next year. Like how can we top this? We can’t, lol. Till next time!




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