Filmmaker Billy Corben Responds To City Officials Over Ultra Music Fest Controversy



Well, its been a few days since Ultra ended and tensions are still high with the city officials calling for its banning. One person though has been very outspoken on the entire ordeal. Famed director and one of our favorite locals Billy Corben (Cocaine Cowboys, The U, Broke, Tanning) has been on Twitter speaking his mind and also caught up with the Miami Herald for a few words on the “out of touch” elected officials. He kinda’ tied it to his most recent project, The Tanning Of America, but he’s still 100 percent genuine and probably 100 percent right.

“Ultra is not for me. I’ve never been, nor is it likely I’ll ever go. But that’s what makes Miami Miami: there’s something for everyone. We should not allow one tragic incident to derail the 15 year tradition and impact of an internationally recognized event.

“The situation reminds me so much of ‘The Tanning of America’ and the general pushback on hip hop and violence at concerts,” Corben told us. “My heart goes out to security guard Erica Mack, who I hope will make a complete and speedy recovery. This was a disturbing, potentially avoidable incident and calls for a thorough investigation to ensure that those responsible are held accountable and real solutions are developed to prevent it from reoccurring in the future.”

I don’t recall this kind of outrage from Miami Mayor TomΓ‘s Regalado and Commissioner Marc Sarnoff when, in 2011, Sgt. Javier Ortiz and a group of Miami Police officers beat, choked, tasered (three times) and wrongfully arrested a tourist at Ultra over a glow stick. A video revealed that the cops (two of whom were later arrested in an unrelated Federal extortion and bribery investigation and pleaded guilty) lied in their reports and allegedly committed perjury in sworn depositions. State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle took no action against the tourist or officers.

According to the tourist, as he laid bruised, battered and tasered on the ground, fearing for his life, one of the cops said, β€œWelcome to Miami, bitch.” Isn’t that just so Miami? Last year, during fierce negotiations over Ultra’s second weekend, Commissioner Sarnoff reportedly compelled festival organizers to cover all costs associated with a federal lawsuit filed against the city by that tourist beaten by Miami cops. So, if they get rid of Ultra, who’s going to pay for their police brutality cases?”

So yeah, read the entire article here. And below you can see a screencap that Billy posted showing a random survey of NBC6 viewers that shows an overwhelming support for NOT banning Ultra. Although there’s a possibility that the survey was skewed or trolled with online, it still points towards what a lot of people agree to be truth. One or two small incidents, while very unfortunate, shouldn’t cause a domino effect on one of the biggest festivals and attractions to the city of Miami.Β 

Also below…a random Instagram video showing another rush of forced entries by teenagers jumping the gates…

Source: Miami Herald





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