Miami based @Vossen takes on two giant Billboards in Downtown Miami and Near Marlins Park



Vossen, a Miami based luxury wheel and rims company is ever so growing in popularity. And in recent weeks if you’ve driven on the 836 Dolphin Expressway in either direction then you’ve seen those HUGE “Follow The Leader” billboards directing you to simply follow them on social media with their @Vossen tag. No crazy graphics, just a red billboard with very few letters and the “@”. Its actually simple but kinda genius. I think to a person not in the know with what Vossen is about will simply do just that and at the very least check their social media page(s).

Its a minimalistic campaign with the goal of using Social Media as the introduction to the possible consumer or potential “word of mouth” promoter of the brand.

For exact locations, the one above is eastbound on the 836 right before the NW 17th avenue toll. And the one below is westbound on the 836 right before the NW 12th avenue exit.

Props to Vossen for not only the billboards, but for taking little marketing risks here and there. Those billboards aren’t cheap!



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