Introducing – Broward’s Newest Site For The Latest News, Music & Restaurants – Looking For Writers



We’ve been at this 305 stuff for almost six years now. And its been long overdue, but we finally got our resources together to launch a project that’s been six years in the making. I’d like to introduce you to A brand new website in the similar fashion of The305, but covering the latest and greatest in news, music and food in Broward.  And we’re also hiring. If you’re interested in writing, being a photographer for, please email your resumes and salary requirements to

But a little backstory. “954” is the area code of Broward and we’ve had the domain for years. And we finally got our minds right to launch the site. There aren’t many outlets in Broward to really give you the scoop on the city and the hot spots that younger people care about it (other than the New Times of course who do a great job). And I mean let’s face it, Broward is like the best place on earth. Its like a cleaner and more organized Miami with less traffic. I mean yeah there’s not much to do other than go to Hockey games and occasionally save $60 bucks on plane tickets flying out of the Hollywood airport, but Broward really is that place to live and enjoy. And there’s so much in the county that goes unnoticed. So that’s why we launched today.

So we decided to take our talents to Coral Springs everybody. Click below to check out the new site.



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