The Miami Heat Just Moved Into The Number One Seed With Tonight’s Win



The Miami Heat beat the Raptors tonight at a final score of 83 – 93. By that same token, the Indiana Pacers got CREAMED by the San Antonio Spurs tonight 103-77.

With that said, the Miami Heat now have a 51-22 record to the Pacers’ 52-23. That means that the Heat take the number one seed in the Eastern Conference.

This opens up a few main points to consider during the next month that’s left of the regular season.

1) Judging how inconsistently that the Heat and the Pacers have been playing the last couple weeks, expect the one spot to possibly keep fluctuating as the season inches to a close.

2) The Spurs are becoming more and more ruthless and are now at a 18-game winning streak. The Pacers are one thing, but the Spurs are out for blood and will be a scary matchup if the Heat face them in the finals. The ideal scenario is that one of the other Western Conference teams pull a surprise and beat the Spurs in one of the earlier rounds.

3) Lastly, with the Heat taking the top spot from the Pacers tonight….that just makes next Friday’s game (April 11) against them at the American Airlines Arena even that much more legendary and exciting.

Go heat! Next game is Wednesday night against the Bucks.

Miami Heat

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