Justin Bieber Rejects Plea Deal In Miami Beach Arrest



The internet pretty much exploded last month when word broke out that Justin Bieber was arrested in the three oh five. He was charged with failing a field sobriety test, resisting arrest without violence, and driving with an expired license. Drag racing charges were seemingly dropped when it was revealed that Bieber’s GPS averaged him out at 27 MPH.

However, Justin was offered a plea deal by prosecutors which would have involved alcohol abuse classes, community service and submitting random drug tests. Of course though, Justin’s team and squad of lawyers rejected the deal and filed a plea of “not guilty”. They predict that there will be many flaws and faults in the police department’s case against the Biebs and are confident that the trial will lean towards the defense’s favor and….because it would become a “media spectacle” and bring unwanted negative attention.

In other news related to this, the March 3rd trial date has been postponed and a new date will be announced at a later date. Also, the drunken and stumbling and bathroom going “booking” videos that media outlets have been pushing to make public are still in contention, but the Miami Beach PD will be releasing other videos today of Justin’s encounters with officers.

Source: New Times Broward


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