VIDEO: LeBron Getting A Bloody Nose Dunking On Serge Ibaka Last Night In Blow-Out Win Against The Thunder



LeBron James has been going beast mode for the last few games (even before the All-Star break). Soon as talks intensified about Kevin Durant coming for Bron’s neck and KD being a frontrunner for MVP this year, LeBron suddenly exploded and went ape sh*t and has been playing incredible basketball. Just a few nights ago he scored his 50th 40-plus point game when he scored 42 against the Dallas Mavericks.ย Well last night was a game to watch. With a national TV audience, the Heat took on the Thunder. After a game-long assualt by the Heat, LeBron went down in the fourth quarter after getting smacked in the nose by Serge Ibaka as Ibaka got dunked on. That hit left LeBron face down on the floor leaking blood onto the court and exited the game. Still though, the Miami Heat won the game 103-81 and improve their record to 34-17.


Miami Heat

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