45 Awesome Photos Of Deadmau5’s Free Miami Show at Ice Palace


Photo Credit: Seth Browarnik / Worldredeye.com

Nowadays it costs upwards of $30 to catch a EDM act just about anywhere, including the Fillmore, which has beyond reasonable ticket prices. So when Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5 agreed to perform a FREE show at the iconic Space nightclub, the news made headlines just about everywhere. The show quickly moved to Space Nightclub’s sister venue Ice Palace in order to accommodate the hoards of fans craving cheese.

This past Saturday, a sold-out show ($1 ticket sale proceeds went towards charity) consisting of close to 6,000 peeps inhabited the venue and proved to be a helluva party. So much so that Deadmau5 even tweeted “Miami has reedemed itself. Yay! Good Times!” after blasting out VIP club kids when playing at Mansion the first day of 2014.

We appreciate the support and approval dude, but the yay was totally unnecessary. How long will it be before the mau5 changes his mind, going on a rampage about how he hates Miami? Time will only tell, but for now, we’ll always have the first-ever FREE Deadmau5 show to boast and brag about, and all the pictures below in case you missed it.

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