Save Sonny Shirt By Daniel “Krave” Fila Raises Money For Cancer-Stricken Adopted Dog



Here’s a pretty heartwarming story and shirt by local artist Krave. Read his message and support…

“Some of you may have seen Sonny painted on walls before. For those of you who don’t know him, he is a member of our family. We rescued Sonny off of the streets a few years ago and he was pretty roughed up. Soon after we gained his trust, we found him to be one of the most appreciative and affectionate creatures, and quickly grew to love him more than words can describe. Sonny had a large cancerous tumor when we found him… we got it removed with the risk that it may potentially come back one day. Unfortunately, that day has come, and we found not one, but two tumors right before Christmas. By purchasing this T-shirt, you are contributing to Sonny’s cancer treatment. 100% of the proceeds will go to keeping our beloved dog cancer free so he is able to leap around Miami as depicted in this design.” – Krave

Purchase by clicking below…


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