Ashton Kutcher Calls Out City Of Miami & Its β€œAncient” Transportation Laws



Ashton Kutcher Calls Out City Of Miami & Its “Ancient” Transportation Laws During His Appearance On Jimmy Kimmel

Aside from telling Charlie Sheen to shut the eff up, Ashton Kutcher passed by Jimmy Kimmel’s show last night and mentioned one of his current investments by the name of UBER. A car-service app that has been taking over major metropolitans one by one. In short, the app connects commuters with drivers within their city for fast and convenient service.

If you haven’t been up on Uber’s quest to add Miami as one of its hub cities, then read this and read this. And you can also read this short little blog post that shows Uber trying their best to recruit Miami as one of its cities.

But basically, Miami has some real strict laws when it comes to taxis and car services that are at hand to basically protect the current taxi structure. And on the other hand, Uber is also known for some questionable legal disclaimers in case anything happens in your Uber-assisted ride. But just as recently as two weeks ago, things still got stalled in the UBER talks when it was blocked by two commissioners (again read here) – much to the frustration of Carlos Giminez who is pro-Uber.

With that said, Kutcher slammed Miami for its ancient ways in the clip below…

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