Military Burger Serves Its Country…or um, Neighborhood, In Kendall



Military Burger is a fairly brand new burger joint in Kendall. More specifically in the shopping center right in front of Miami Dade College’s Kendall Campus. They’re located where the old Starbucks used to be and next to Fuego Lento and Sonia’s Patties.

The theme is pretty straight forward. Right from the outside decor to the interior details, its all military and army fixtures from every square inch of the place.

This shopping center has one of the WORST parking situations in all of Kendall and some businesses located there most definitely feel it at certain times of the day, especially on weekends. But its always good to see an independent burger joint pop up to try and compete with the big boys like Shake Shack, Five Guys or even Smash Burger.

So what’s the verdict? While the burgers are all grass-fed and natural as can be, there was nothing “spectacular” in taste and feels very homemade (which may or may not be a bad thing to some). And the fries were a bit odd in texture. Don’t get us wrong, if we need a quick decent burger in that area of Kendall, Military Burger might very well be one of our go-to places. But something about the burger just didn’t click to put it above a Smash Burger or even a Five Guys, both of which are down the street on 88th. But again, its decent upon a first visit. And worst case, their Colombian inspired pink sauce will definitely save the day for your meal if all else fails.

Other notes…they have a Chorizo burger option, as well as a chicken sandwich that you might want to try as alternates.

So check them out for yourself and make your own determination. Located on SW 104th Street and about 108th Avenue.

Military Burger
10834 SW 104 St
Miami, FL 33176


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