Almost Six Years Later, Miami Dade Taxi Cabs Are Finally Required To Accept Credit Cards

Miami Taxi Cabs Credit Card Issue

Miami Taxi Cabs Credit Card Issue

In the Fall of 2008, all New York City yellow taxi cabs finally were equipped with credit card payment systems after being required by the city to do so.

Well, about five years later (six years if we wait for implementation), only now, has Miami-Dade County voted to require all cabs to accept credit cards – along with installing SunPass transponders, GPS devices and digital security cameras. But not so fast….this means that there will be a grace period so cabbies have two years to implement the credit card systems and six months for everything else.

So this is another positive move into modernizing the city’s infrastructure that is seemingly way behind most major metropolitan areas.

And just as a side note, Miami taxi cab “medallion” licenses are extremely limited and are mostly owned by wealthy taxi companies and investors that lease them out. Each medallion is worth about $300,000 a piece.

Source: Miami Herald


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