Agenda Emerge NYC Was Everything And More With Marc Ecko, Jeff Staple, Bobby Hundreds & Johnny Cupcakes – (11 Photos)



One of the best things you could do if you’re into the world of menswear and streetwear is attend the Agenda tradeshow in any of their stops. However, we’re kinda’ biased to New York City since we feel that NYC is the mecca of the streetwear scene.

Last week, I got the opportunity to attend Agenda Emerge in New York City’s Skirball Center at NYU and it was by far one of the best “group talk” type of events I’ve attended. And I wanted an “authentic” experience so I refrained from applying for media credentials and just bought my tickets like a regular consumer at $60 and man, what a great purchase it turned out to be. Aside from the near 5-degree weather in NYC at the time, it was a great experience.

In short, it was a three-hour talk with some of the biggest names in menswear and streetwear from Mark Ecko, Jeff Staple, Bobby Hundreds and Johnny Cupcakes. They each had about 30-40 minutes on stage individually and then grouped up at the end for an audience Q&A.

I won’t spill the beans on a lot of the juicy details and experiences that each of these personalities shared, but the overall theme that was reoccurring from each of them was: “do what you love and find happiness first and foremost.” Meaning, if money is the main motivator…cool, but like what you do or things can get very tiresome and lonesome for you.

Each speaker had their moments. Mark Ecko was definitely the richest person in the room (lol) and his laid back matter-of-fact demeanor is inspiring in itself. Jeff Staple brings years of experience and thoughtful design paired with a very special metaphor using this documentary. Bobby Hundreds also delivered his vast experience in the form of a few examples from his real life and really dwelled on “do what makes you happy” theme. And lastly, Johnny Cupcakes (who was honestly the best public speaker and entertainer of the bunch) was definitely entertaining and hilarious (and a bit dirty) – but his theme is one in the same with the others essentially.

So overall, it was a great event. And another cool thing was that while everyone was waiting for doors to open, Johnny Cupcakes came out and did a 10 minute magic show of sorts to keep guests entertained. It was quirky but actually cool that Johnny doesn’t take himself so seriously and is happy to greet fans and admirers of his work.

Thanks again to Group Y and the rest of the Agenda and Agenda Emerge organizers for putting together such a great event.

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