IndigoChildRick Releases First Set Of “EXPLICIT” Cover Art


We’ve been paying close attention to the South Florida youngin’ IndigoChildRick, an 18-year old rapper/producer who continues to excel with a tasteful yet peculiar sound. Indigo unloaded the music video for “4sho” not too long ago, a track that should surface again on his upcoming EXPLICIT project. One aspect that we find to be interesting with Indigo is his ability to function as a one-man squad, going so far as to directing and editing his own videos. We’ve of course spoken about his collaborative efforts with figures like Denzel Curry, Robb Bank$ and Pouya, but we haven’t talked about his stimulating campaign(s) that translates to enjoyable artwork. Over what is termed as “Week 1″, Indigo released seven covers as promo work for EXPLICIT. We should be seeing fourteen additional covers being unleashed until we close out Week 3. Once you actually catch some of the references made with these covers, you’ll get a better idea to the uncanny approach Indigo is taking to make his portfolio come full circle!