Diddy Buys DeLeón Tequila To Get That Oprah Money, Dawg

Diddy Buys Tequila Company

Diddy Buys Tequila Company

Sean “Diddy” Combs was always rich since we can all remember. Ever since his successes in music in the 90’s, he’s been raking in the cash from multiple income streams. And then in 2007, he partnered with Ciroc for a lucrative deal that got him EVEN MORE money. But it wasn’t Oprah money. Diddy wants Oprah money. With Ciroc, he’s extremely limited because he was never a true owner but he helped Diageo (who owns Ciroc) grow sales from 50,000 bottles a year to over 2 Million. But now, with word that he just purchased (or partially purchased) DeLeón tequila with Diageo (again owners of Ciroc), Diddy is looking to do what he did with Ciroc and take a share of that Patron marketshare and get a larger piece of the profits. And since everyone drinks (or drank) Ciroc to be cool, looks like people may fall into the DeLeón tequila trap and make Diddy so many more times richer. Diddy says:

“DeLeón was named the best of the best by the Robb Report. It has been known for tequila drinkers…that are true tequila drinkers as a real tequila, a luxury tequila. The way I got introduced to it is that every place that I would go to, rather it was the Soho House, staying at the Gramercy Hotel or any cool, real immersion type of spot, I would see it. Then I was in the movies one day and I’m watching Iron Man 2 and that’s all Iron Man had behind his bar. And, I was like, ‘This thing is calling me, man.’ I’ve always had a dream to have a tequila. I love this. And, I always wanted to acquire a company. I’ve always launched a company. People don’t realize…this is a historic day for Sean Combs as a businessman. And, even hip-hop. In the early Bad Boy days we were drinking champagne, you know? We was drinking Moet. We graduated from Moet then we went to Cristal. We had to flip out on them then we had to get our own company, we got Ciroc. Jay [Z] got Ace of Spades, And, today I got DeLeón. We up in here. We went from buying, supporting, to owning, you know? And, it started from the bottom.”

DeLeon has five varieties with suggested retail prices of $120 to $1,000 per bottle. There’s no word on what figures were paid or what the terms of the deal were but expect DeLeón to take over the clubs real soon.

Diageo is a leading distributor of premium alcohol, beer and wine. Its portfolio includes Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, JεB, Windsor, Buchanan’s and Bushmills whiskeys, Smirnoff, Ciroc and Ketel One vodkas, Baileys, Captain Morgan, Tanqueray and Guinness.

PS. How funny is that photo above? Almost as funny as this one.

Source: Complex

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