Model Lauren Hanley Makes TMZ After Seen On A Date With Johnny Manziel – Plus, 10 New Photos



We crowned her “New Model Of The Year” and we knew we saw something in Lauren Hanley when we first posted about her in August. South Florida based model Lauren Hanley is rackin’ in those followers.

She’s been all over TMZ the last few days ever since one of college football’s most talked about stars Johnny “Football” Manziel apparently met her at a L.A. club and took her out on a date the following day.

TMZ has been posting photos, and even blasting out her place of work…a marijuana dispensary. Much like we’re doing so right now.

Now to real reason for this post. Another excuse to post more of her photos. Look below…

lauren-hanley lauren-hanley_0 lauren-hanley-johnny-manziel-7 lauren-hanley-johnny-manziel-13


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