Dan Le Batard Banned From Voting In The Baseball Hall Of Fame Ever Again After “Giving” His Vote Card To Deadspin



We’ve been on a little 24 hour vacation and soon as we came back to reality we saw all this news about Dan Le Batard’s EPIC stunt on the baseball hall of fame and Baseball Writers’ Association Of America.

If you’ve followed the voting process of the baseball hall of fame, then you know that its pure f**kery. The voters purposely shun certain players for a few years (or even till their last qualifying years) among other things. So a lot of no-brain hall of fame worthy players are totally disrespected and it happens year after year. Last year, NO hall of famer was voted in out of a clear list of choices like Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza and more.

So Dan basically outed himself as the journalist that “sold” his hall of fame vote to Deadspin, which allowed its readers to vote for by proxy using Le Batard’s access to a ballot. However, Dan wanted to make clear that heΒ received NO money or compensationΒ for his handing over of his vote to Deadspin, but instead wanted to make a statement by doing so and bringing awareness to the archaic hall of fame voting process. So he did not “sell” his vote really, but donated in a sense to Deadspin.Β Dan has since been banned for life from ever placing another vote and was suspended for one year by the Baseball Writers’ Association Of America.

Another issue that this brought up was the whole alienation of the “steroid era” of players who have largely been ignored by the voters. While these players did taking performance enhancing drugs, so did the majority of the sport during that period.

Allin all, here are the results of this year’s voting, which had only three players get the necessary votes (Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Frank Thomas) to make it to the 2014 inductee list, along with three managers Bobby Cox, Tony La Russa, and Joe Torre.

And here’s Dan’s ballot…



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