Denzel Curry & Ruben Slikk – LORDVADERKUSH (prod. by Keenanza)


Denzel Curry

A handful of us assumed that Nostalgic 64 would be the last time we would see Denny Cascade, or at least a reference of some sort. With an unruly amount of distortion and a slap-worthy amount of bass, Denzel A.K. Curry shows us otherwise as he linked up once again with Metro Zu’s Ruben Slikk for “LORDVADERKUSH”, produced by none other than Keenanza (whom helped to spark the welcome party for Mike Dece). We already knew Cascade had it in him, but this man can really throw down!


Denzel Curry & Ruben Slikk – LORDVADERKUSH (prod. by Keenanza)


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