2013 Local Brand Name Of The Year – Vixen Workout



With crossfit and all kinds of new workout plans popping up left and right, they all start looking the same. Sure enough though, you have their gems with enough character or a interesting angle that it makes you do a double take. Janet Jones (a former Miami Heat dancer) brilliantly took her Vixen Workout from a small little idea to a raging phenomenon. What started out with a couple of girls a week is now a well-oiled fitness program with hundreds of local girls attending Vixen Workout sessions without fail.

Janet and the Vixen Workout brand have catapulted into multiple cities (including New York) and have received tons of press and praise along the way. The Vixen Workout not only struck a chord with fit-conscious ladies, but with girls looking to have a little fun while exercising and maybe also to get a little ratchet without being judged. You can easily loose 500-1000 calories in a single workout.

Highlights of the year most definitely include expanding the brand and the class to New York City, but our personal favorite moment for the Vixen Workout (and the #VixenArmy) was their legendary takeover of Liv Nightclub. They held a bigger-than-normal session at one of the hotest and biggest clubs in South Florida where hundreds of girls came to experience this things called the Vixen Workout.

2014 will be big for Janet Jones and company. Just watch…

More Info: vixenworkout.com

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