2013 EPIC Fail Of The Year – Stugotz And All The Heat “Fans” That Left Early During Game 6 Of The Finals



Any of us true Heat fans can spot the bandwagoners a mile away. You know the behavior and tell-tell signs. They’re usually wearing shiny brand new jerseys with the tags still attached, or maybe you might catch them at a Heat game paying attention to their phone’s reception rather than actually checking out the game. They also leave games early to beat traffic, among other reasons.

Last year during the NBA Finals the Miami Heat had a difficult crusade against the San Antonio Spurs. The Heat were pretty much outmatched and true fans were truly exposed during Game 6 at the American Airlines Arena. The Heat were down by 5 points with 28 seconds to go. The true Heat fans stayed put holding on to that last bit of hope that the Heat would pull through. And those true Heat fans were definitely rewarded with being able to witness what might be the biggest win, biggest shot and best game ending in Heat history.

However, the bandwagoners, which included Dan LeBatard Show co-host Stugotz, didn’t see those last historic 30 seconds of the fourth quarter because they decided to leave the game early when they saw no hope for the Heat. They basically threw in the towel to beat a little bit of the traffic. But little did they know, they were walking away from one of the biggest and best 28 seconds of Heat basketball. Granted, some might have the excuse that they didn’t want to see the Spurs celebrate, but still, if you’re a true Heat fan, you sit your ass down and ride it through – its the muh’fuggin’ finals! And with that said, by luck of the draw, they epic failed themselves into missing history in the making.


Here’s the audio of Stugotz trying to make a case for his leaving and a photo of fans banging on the AAA’s doors trying to get back in…lol. 



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