2013 Best Place To Buy Sneakers In Miami – Sneaker Con & KixSquare.com – (Tie)



When we say “sneakers”, we kinda’ hope you know we mean the real sh*t. The exclusive LeBrons, the hard-to-get Jordans and even the rare pairs that you thought you could never get a hold of.

In a day where most of us can’t afford (nor have the time) to campout or go on that hunt anymore, we have to rely on other means to get those exclusive sneakers that we want. And sometime our “sneaker connect(s)” can leave us hanging. So what’s a sneakerhead to do?

Well, if you’re in Miami you have two very good options that can save the day for you. And while we wanted to narrow it down to one true entity for this category, both of these companies did such an incredible job in 2013 that we had to declare it a tie.

Sneaker Con is a traveling sneaker convention that originates in New York City. They come to Miami two to three times a year and each time they come, the event gets bigger and bigger with more attendees and even more vendors. If one of the many vendors don’t have a pair of the sneakers that you’re looking for, then you can be sure one of the many attendees walking around with pairs will have them. And then that’s where the fun part begins. You can either flat out buy them or you can offer a trade. Its genius, its fun and it brings a different kind of hunt into the process of scoring that pair that you missed out on.

Then you have South Florida based KixSquare.Com, of which there’s no trading involved. You just log on, find your pair and (hopefully) your size, then just checkout and you are good. KixSquare is locally based and a trusted seller so you can expect great service and 100% authenticity.

Sneaker Con and Kix Square. Both are very different, but very reliable places to get that “fiyuh” you’ve been looking for. Of course its still gonna take either a little work or a little extra money on your part, but it beats facing the elements overnight for days at a time to “maybe” get those shoes you want.

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