2013 Best Heat Hater Video Of The Year – Melo, Bully. Takin’ Ya’ Cookies.



Once upon a time after Game Two of the first round of the NBA Playoffs, the Knicks had a small ounce of hope that they would come out victorious against the Pacers. Well um, we all know what happened there.

Well, after that game, this guy here, put out a daring video proclaiming the Knicks as the GOATS. Homie had the most overly authentic (or maybe overly exaggerated?) New York hood accent of life. And man, we aren’t even trying to diss the dude because he rides for his city. Shit. we need more of his kind in the stands during Heat games and we’d be unf**kwitable in terms of home court advantages.

But yeah, after proclaiming a few hilarious “BULLY” proclamations, he pretty much sends the Heat to hell and to all go suck on D’s. And then he said something about takin’ our cookies. Lol.Β Yahur?

Watch the video below…

2013 Best Of The 305

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