2013 Song Of The Year – Kat Dahlia with “Gangsta”



Song of the year is such a hard thing to not only define, but to truly pinpoint to one specific song that stood out against all other in 2013. When thinking back through the year, our attention kept gravitating towards Kat Dahlia’s introductory single “Gangsta”. Produced by  J. Dens, the slow drums and synthy instrumental was our first taste of the amazing vocal abilities that Kat Dahlia possessed. There might be a little controversy here though because “Gangsta” is really a few years old really because it was originally released on a lower scale under Kat Dahlia’s former stage name Kat Hue in early 2012. And then, the song didn’t actually release as a single or as a Kat Dahlia song until December of 2012 so that wasn’t enough time to have the song make our 2012 Best Of List. But immediately upon listening for the first time we were hooked and by luck of the song’s release date , we  had to give 2013 ownership of this record.

The song takes inspiration from 50 Cent’s classic song “Wanksta” from Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. Kat’s raspy voice and painful delivery makes you feel any and everything that she’s talking about. Her pain is your pain and her experiences are your experiences. Though Kat is technically a singer primarily, she has a sing-rap style that is evident in a lot of her songs and she seems to have mastered that style. As for “Gangsta”, the rugged yet well written lyrics, the storytelling and the cadences all mesh together to give you one incredibly memorable and tight-knit song.

Though sales weren’t really astronomical for the single, the song got over 800,000 listens on Soundcloud and the video (which was released in March of 2013) got close to 8.8 million views on Youtube.


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