2013 Mixtape Of The Year – Robb Bank$ with “Tha City”



The Internet (particularly Tumblr) has been paramount to the success of Robb Bank$, but it has also shown no shame in flaunting its malicious intent, which inevitably tried to harm a reputation we have seen protected since Calendars. We of course recognized the early acts of denial, but the cleverness was largely intensified when the Smart Stunnas team decided to utilize the notorious picture of Reggae star Shaggy and a younger Robb Bank$ as the official cover for Tha City. It was a power move indeed, but it unquestionably made Robb’s story that much more intriguing (on top of putting the rumors to rest).

It was through the dealings brought on by Tha City where we saw the relationship heightened between Robb and a producer by the name of Nuri (of Pro Club). On Calendars, the tape was essentially separated by months, but on Tha City, 14 different locations across the globe were used (from his hometown in Ft. Lauderdale to London). Tha City was supported by a rather stimulating cast, which included Phlo Finister and Sir Michael Rocks, as well as producers Freebase, POSHstronaut, Nuri, SpaceGhostPurrp, K.E. On The Track and Zaytoven (surprise!). With the support of DJ Sean Bang, Dooney Montana, Mommy Warbucks and the rest of the SS crew, Robb Bank$ provided to us much more than just a mixtape; we were adorned with a jewel that will continue to be cherished as we bring in 2014.


2013 Best Of The 305

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