2013 Album Of The Year – Denzel Curry with “Nostalgia 64″



You can’t stir up conversation about the youth of South Florida without mentioning one of the most riveting underground artists of recent times, Denzel Curry. This year brought in a whole lot of change into Denzel Curry’s life, from taking the solo route (departing from Raider Klan) to graduating from Miami Carol City Senior High. His long-awaited debut album, Nostalgic 64, broke the Top 20 on the Hip Hop/Rap charts on iTunes, a feat that was accomplished independently. Under the management of C9’s Mark Maturah, Denzel Curry did away with most of the lo-fi sounds popularized on his past mixtapes in King Remembered and King Of The Mischievous South Vol. 1, and moved into a more wholesome direction that was cinematically strung together by a marvelous set of producers that include (but not limited to) Nuri, Lofty305, POSHstronaut, Ronny J and much more. Nostalgic 64 was the first major project we’ve received from Denzel Curry, but the dark undertones have certainly been seen in past work.

Although we have no definite notion of exactly what qualifies as a mixtape and what qualifies as an album, Denzel Curry has nonetheless raised the standards for young, underground artists trying to create a buzz and uphold long-lasting influence. Nostalgic 64 shares a coherent sound all the way through, but the genius in its creation comes from Curry’s aggressive styling that translates into a superb set of bars that only a natural born lyricist would be able to deliver. Denzel Curry was not on this journey alone, as he went on to recruit some of the most talked about underground talents like Lil Ugly Mane, Robb Bank$, Yung Simmie, Mike G (of Odd Future) and JK The Rapper for Nostalgic 64. From the messages to the overall sounds, everything comes full circle in a manner you wouldn’t expect from an 18-year old hip-hop artist. Nostalgic 64 was able to bring the underground to the surface once again, but most importantly, Denzel Curry and his team were able to instill new life into an industry that so desperately needed innovation.

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