2013 Best Temporary Menu Item – The Shake Shack Corn Dog



Shake Shack is one of Miami’s go-to places for burgers. There’s no denying that as its on top (or near the top) of almost all the “Best Burger” lists that local food bloggers have been making as of recent.

The New York City based restaurant does have little sales and special items here and there and the one that really took off this year was their very limited Shake Shack corn dog. Its so limited that its only available on Memorial Day weekend, July 4th and Labor Day Weekend. Then, you’re pretty much SOL for the rest of the year.

If you look at the photo above then you can see that its not a pretty corn dog by any means. But that’s how we like it. It feels like a true New York City street food corn dog but with better quality ingredients and in-house corn batter. Plus, they serve each corn dog with a side ofΒ Rick’s Picks sweet corn relish. It’s all absolutely delicious and complimentary with an array of flavors.

Trust us, when Memorial Day Weekend comes back around (or when they decide to put it on their menu full-time), get yourself and whoever’s with you a few these and you’ll thank us later.

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