2013 Best Cocktail In Miami – The Beet Mojito At Sugarcane



We hate listening to our parents. Ever remember the phrase “vegetables are good for you,” as a child? The one you so proudly ignored because what’s better than vegetables? Candy, and alcohol. As we grow older though, we realize our parents were and are always right. Vegetables aren’t so bad, especially when they’re mixed with alcohol.

At Sugarcane, you can get the best mojito in town, and it’s packed with health benefits. Their beet mojito couples mint with beet infused Bacardi superior to create a helluva drink. Although 10 of these might do more damage than good, it’s a good way to meet your daily veggie requirement. Just make sure you’re having some protein on the side to go with it.

Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill
3252 NE 1st Ave
Miami, Florida 33137
(786) 369-0353

2013 Best Of The 305

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