2013 Best Chicken & Waffles In Miami – Fuego Lento in Kendall



We sorta’ had this category pegged down earlier this year when we first visited Fuego Lento in August. Yeah, they have tons of BBQ dishes and all that, which are all mostly amazing. But its their secret menu item that swept us off our feet. Fuego Lento’s infamous Chicken N’ Waffles.

Much like some of the other categories, we wanted to recognize Fuego Lento for taking a classic dish and keeping it simple. The waffle itself is homemade and is just the right size with a fluffy and perfectly sugared taste. You know a waffle is done correctly when you can eat it plain with no syrup and you’ll be just as satisfied – and that’s the case here. And speaking about syrup, their’s has a hint of spice, which a lot of establishments serving Chicken & Waffles tend to do. But the icing on the cake waffle per say, is the very simple but perfectly breaded fried chicken breast tenderloins. Oh and the price is what pretty much sealed the deal for being the Best Chicken & Waffles in Miami. $7.00 for this unheard of.

Feugo Lento’s Chicken & Waffles are not Roscoe’s. They’re not Yardbird’s. They’re not Morgans’. They’re Fuego Lento’s take on the famous dish. Small details can most definitely go long way. Just remember, its a secret off-the-menu item so don’t go on and tell too many people about this, nah mean?

Fuego Lento BBQ
10840 SW 104th St
Miami, FL 33176
(305) 846-9771

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