2013 Best Burger In Miami – Shake Shack….yes, again



Sorry Miami, we tried to justify picking a local mom & pop place that’s based in Miami, but Shake Shack still reigns supreme in the Best Burger In Miami debate. Last year, our category was Best Burger & Fries Combo, which we most definitely gave to Shake Shack. And this year, while we gave the fry nod to another local business, Shake Shack could just do no wrong. That puts them at winning “Best Burger” from us for two years in a row.

Let’s face it. We can go on and on about gourmet burgers with $20 or $30 price tags (or more), but nothing beats the Shake Shack single Shackburger (make it a double if you’re a man’s man). Each and every one of their burgers are cooked to perfection EVERY time and the price points are in that safe zone that keeps it affordable yet reasonable for the service you’re getting.

Damn you Shake Shack. Why must you be so good???

More info: shakeshack.com

2013 Best Of The 305

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