2013 Restaurant Of The Year – Eating House in Coral Gables



Eating House originally popped up as a six-month stunt at Café Ponce. After working in kitchens since before he was legally allowed to work, Giorgio Rapicavoli learned a thing or two at an early age. His first email was chfboyrde8@whateverdomainwaspopularatthetime.com . He was 21 when he went to his a Top Chef casting call and got praise from Tom Colicchio, but was shut down for being too young. That didn’t stop him from gaining TV recognition, as he went on Chopped and won six years later, with fresh kicks we might add. He used those $10k to open up Eating House with longtime friend Alex Cassanova.

The concept was simple – ridiculously flavorful, fun and creative food with a laid-back and speakeasy feel. Six-months later, EH closed its doors and disappointed a lot of people who lined up for hours on end to dabble into their Wakin-n-Bacon Brunch that featured Captain Crunch pancakes, chicken and waffles and carbonara benedict. It wasn’t soon before that the duo announced they’d be reopening Eating House permanently in that same location, but only after making the place feel like home. Handmade tables, Rapicavoli’s favorite cookbooks, sneaker picks, and other charming knicks and knacks decorate the place while Biggie sings along as you get your grub on to the city’s best pasta carbonara. It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

Eating House
804 Ponce De Leon Blvd
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 448-6524

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