2013 Photographer Of The Year – Derick G



Derick G has been putting in work in Miami FOR YEARS. He’s been doing things in the car scene for forever it seems, and his video work with Cash Money and other hip-hop artists has skyrocketed him to levels we’re sure nobody imagined. There was a timespan of like 2-3 years that you could not go on any hip-hop site without seeing a video stamped with Derick’s logo on the front page. And while he is still doing video, for some pretty big clients at that, 2013 is the year we feel Derick really took off as a “still” photographer.

He still definitely stays in the hip-hop arena, but its his photos and portraits of women that have really escalated him to a photographer of choice. There’s no other word to describe his photos than the phrase that he coined himself: “$€XΒ₯”. He’s traveled the U.S. capturing shots of all your favorite curvy models and posts them on his Instagram, Twitter and his website. And he has a unique style that mostly incorporates using natural or constant light as the basis for most of his shots. Again, “most” not all. But great nonetheless.

But what topped off the year was the photo above. Well, the photo that’s pictured in the photo above (lol). Its a photo piece displayed during Art Basel by Derick titled “#ImLovinIt”, and is part of a series called “Product Placement”, that drops in early 2014.

Salutes Derick, for having a great year of images.

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