2013 Person Who Had The Best Year Ever – Nicole Muxo For Getting Dwyane Wade To Show Up At Her Prom

Nicole Muxo Dwyane Wade

Nicole Muxo Dwyane Wade

We always hear of the stories where the random high school boy asks a hot celebrity or swimsuit model out to their prom. But this past year in Miami, you had the opposite. A girl by the name of Nicole Muxo, a senior from Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School, was attempting to get Dwyane Wade to take her to HER prom. And she wasn’t even coy about it. She was borderline stalking him at all his events, book signings, public appearances and asked him quite a few times in person, on Twitter, you name it.

When her prom was approaching, she decided to come back down to reality and get her “plan B” to take her (which by the way, that man deserves a medal and shit putting up with this). Little too her knowledge, Dwyane was working up a a plan to surprise her at her prom. Yeah, he wasn’t her official date, but he was at least attempting to show up for good measure and tons of great PR.

And then the big day came and chaos ensured at  La Jolla Ballroom in Coral Gables for Nicole’s prom. Dwyane not only showed up, but danced with her, danced with friends, took photos and the whole sha’bang. And Nicole’s date was a good sport about it. Nicole went on an epic media run tour after prom as well spreading her story of wishes coming true. And don’t think she’s fair-weather Dwyane Wade lover, she was spotted (pictured above) at the 2013 Miami Heat Championship parade with a sign saying “My Promo Date Is A 3-Time NBA Champion”, Awww, que cute.

So congrats Nicole. You had the best year ever. This goes to show you that persistence and a little luck on Twitter (and being a little attractive let’s be real) can go a long way.


Dwyane Wade Takes Nicole Muxo To Prom

Dwyane Wade surprise prom appearance Nicole Muxo Dwyane Wade with Nuns

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