2013 Old School Sunday Post Of The Year – The Welcome To Hialeah Sign From The Year 1921

Welcome To Hialeah Sign

Welcome To Hialeah Sign

We spend countless hours searching through state, federal and private archives to find wonderful images of Miami’s past to share with our readers. We try our best to find those hidden gems that you won’t see anywhere else or that were lost in the abyss of the internet.

And earlier in February, we found this weird looking image (pictured below) and the first thing we thought was that we REALLY REALLY REALLY hoped that it was a Miami area image. We couldn’t tell because there was no noticeable landmarks or wording that could identify it. But we saw what we thought was a canal or river on the left and it clicked that this could be a match for the Miami River/Canal.

Then after using the old trust Google Image Reverse Search and a little bit of research, it led us to the above image that clearly shows a damn near ancient “Welcome To Hialeah” sign with Seminole Indian Jack Tigertail in traditional dressΒ greeting you upon your entrance. And obviously as shown, Hialeah is spelled as “Hi-A-Le-ah”, which is said to mean “Upland Prairie” in the Seminole language(s).

The image was taken by William F. Fishbaugh at present-day Okeechobee Road and about Palm Avenue.

Original Story:
The Welcome To Hialeah Sign from the year 1921

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