2013 Most Viral Story Of The Year – Our In-N-Out April Fool’s Joke

In N Out April Fools Miami

In N Out April Fools Miami

#Gotcha. Let’s face it, we got you and you know it. In what was our undoubtedly are biggest day of traffic since our existence, our April Fool’s joke announcing that In-N-Out was to bring five Miami area locations took over social media. With over 15,000 Facebook shares and over 600 Twitter mentions, our prank on foodies everywhere took off. We had other bloggers stealing our idea and people even writing fake Yelp reviews based off our joke.

We even had hot sportscaster lady Erin Andrews retweet and fall victim, which then led to tons of other Fox, ABC News and ESPN sportscasters retweeting the news.

So unfortunately, you’re still going to have to keep going to the West Coast for your In-N-Out fix, or worse case to Texas, which is actually a little bit closer to us here in Florida. But a big ‘sorry’ to those who got had and a big thank you to those who didn’t ruin the joke for others and played along.

See you next month In-N-Out in Los Angeles, you’re only five gruesome hours away by plane.

Original Story:
In-N-Out Burger Announces 5 Miami Locations for 2014



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