2013 Most Popular Post Of The Year – Lil Wayne’s Near Death Experience Back In March



Late on Friday March 15th, 2013 I was at home getting ready to wrap up for the night after a long week of blogging on this here website when Twitter and my cell phone started blowing up. Something about TMZ saying that Lil’ Wayne is being read his last rights and that he’s pretty much declared dead. I dropped everything I was doing to read the TMZ article and of course repost on The305.com because as we all know, TMZ usually has a perfect batting average when it comes to celebrity deaths – especially the ones that happen in Los Angeles.

And then the unthinkable happened. Within a a small time period that evening as people were trying to figure out what exactly was happening with Lil Wayne’s status, The305.com received about 35,000 unique visitors. Maybe that sounds like a lot or maybe it doesn’t, but the reality is that in internet numbers, that’s a lot of f**kin’ people. And if it wasn’t for The305.com updating its servers a mere 45 days earlier, the website would’ve crashed beyond belief.

After jumping the gun by following TMZ’s lead, TMZ retracted (or should I say mysteriously deleted their “last rights being read” comment) and Wayne was reportedly surrounded by his family and peers during another seizure episode. He slowly and eventually recovered and TMZ (along with us) got a big “shame on you” stamp stamped upon us.

Up until that day, that was the most traffic The305.com ever received….but thenΒ this happened two weeks later and pretty much shattered that record.

But we’re glad Lil Wayne is back to his usual and living healthier (hopefully).

Original Story:
Lil Wayne In Medically-Induced Coma After Suffering More Seizures (TMZ)

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