Entourage Movie Gets The Green Light & Will Be Filmed Partially In Miami


Entourage Miami Filming Movie

Entourage Movie Filming In Miami

Entourage will forever be one of the best HBO originals to ever hit the small screen. Its charm and a depiction of Hollywood lifestyle helped all of us live vicariously through each of the characters featured on the show. And when the show wrapped a few years ago, we got a cheesy “Hollywood” ending that left a lot of us saying “wtf was that?”. But I guess it was the perfect set-up for the movie, which after many negotiation meetings, is FINALLY happening.

Mark Wahlberg (one of the producers of Entourage) confirmed on Live With Kelly & Michael that the movie is confirmed and that it should be out on or around Thanksgiving of 2014 and will be directed by Doug Ellin. So we will most definitely see Vinny, Eric, Turtle, Drama, Ari and hopefully a lot of Sloan.

But what’s pretty awesome is that they will be filming what is that part of the filming will happen in Miami. While we’re not sure if its just an opening scene involving a 220-foot yacht and tons of pretty people, or if its something more in-depth – Miami is most definitely involved in the movie’s production as filming for Entourage will start in January of 2014.

While the show’s decline in its more recent seasons is debatable, the series itself still had its fair share of highlights that will forever keep the show labeled as a classic. And now that it’s going to become a movie, let’s hope we get some redemption and they don’t mess this one up.

We’ll have more info on the Entourage Miami production and casting calls as soon as we confirm details.


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