Beyonce Releases New Visual Album Overnight, Including Video Shot In Miami With Jay-Z


Last night, Beyonce did something unexpected and straight up dropped a full-length album Beyonce via iTunes with a music video to accompany every song on some unprecedented #newrules type shit. No promo and no marketing whatsoever.  It sells for $15.99 without the ability to purchase any of the 14 tracks individually. Guests include Frank Ocean, Drake, and Jay-Z.

And back in August, Beyonce and Jay-Z were spotted filming a music video for a top secret project on Golden Beach, which is in the Aventura area. Mostly everybody suspected it was a track off Magna Carta, but come to find out it was “Drunk In Love” off Beyonce’s album released overnight and was directed by Hype Williams. They (Bey & Jay) reportedly told residents and people who caught them filming that if they didn’t take photos of them shooting that they could stick around for photos and etc. Which they kept their promise as you can see in the photos below.

“Drunk In Love” was produced by Detail and written by Beyonce, Jay Z, Timbaland, Detail, Andre Eric Proctor, Rasooz Diaz, Brian Soko and J-Roc.

So support Beyonce and get that new album, which again features a music video for each song. Purchase it on iTunes by clicking here.

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