Mr Pita F/W 2013 “ART IS CURRENCY”


Mr Pita F/W 2013

When Jo Pita went on to design some of his earlier creations, his vision towards a more intuitive, ultramodern look seemed justifiably dissident, rightfully so of course. The inclusion of the iconic ‘medusa head’ was essentially met with general signs of approval (coupled by a few eBay sightings strung together by some resellers). As a 20-year old Miami-based creative, the evolution of his personal styling has certainly helped to open the gates towards the search for simplicity.

The pursuit for the purest form of design is almost always strained with temptations to exaggerate with the unnecessary. That’s not to say that excessive measures are devious, considering the enticement of layering in today’s outlook on modern fashion. However, it seems to counteract the main goal of achieving well-defined, geometric silhouettes. Through a modeling gig with Apt 606, a high-end men’s fashion boutique located in the Miami Design District, opportunity broke loose which helped to shape the tasteful outputs of this F/W 2013 delivery.

With a release date scheduled for December 13th, the “ART IS CURRENCY” project will feature one embroidered hoodie. Perhaps the strongest feature set within this design, is its rather sensible pricing ($60 USD), which relates back to affordability that was regularly seen with street fashion. You’ll be able to purchase the hoodie directly here, a salute to minimalism and all of its encompassing elements.

Mr Pita F/W 2013 Mr Pita F/W 2013 Mr Pita F/W 2013


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