Banksy’s Red Hook Balloon Piece To Go For Sale At Art Miami Next Month During Art Basel Week



Banksy went on New York City rampage for the month of October and did a different piece in the city for 31 straight days. One of the pieces however was the Red Hook Balloon. A bandage patched red balloon that Banksy painted in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood on October 7th, the seventh day into Banky’s New York residency.

Controversial collector and reseller Stephan Keszler purchased the Red Hook piece (right from the concrete wall it was painted on) and now is going up for sale at Art Miami (ie. for about $400,000) next month during the Art Basel craziness. So chances are, you might be able to see this piece in person.

You might remember Stephan Keslzer as he has racked up a bit of hate for his methods of flipping these Banksy pieces, including the auction that kept getting canceled and rescheduled earlier this year, again with another Banksy piece. Banksy and crew have continually bashed Keszler for his manners of business and finger him as a negative factor in the world of street art.

Source: Gothamist

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