KICKSTARTER ALERT: Help Fund This Miami-Based Cartoon Series Featuring A Rapping Horse


LebossI’ve known about this project for a while now and I’m glad I can finally talk about it. Local Miami resident Sean Sylvester is working on a cartoon based off a rapping horse called Le Boss. But the plot and backstory is too dope and also quite hilarious. Plus, the voice of one of the main characters, the horse, is voiced by one of our local favorites: J. Nics. Read below and if you can, chip in some money to see this project come to life. There are tons of great prizes in exchange for your contribution including t-shirts, an autographed poster (featured above) and even a chance to get yourself drawn as a featured cartoon character in the actual pilot of the series. Click here to visit the Kickstarter page for more details and click below for a few highlights of the plot.

Le Boss – The Plot
This is the story of Le Boss, a thoroughbred rapping racehorse and his side-kick/jockey, Carter, who are both determined to become a successful Hip-Hop duo. They currently live in Paris, Kentucky, where Le Boss and Carter, are gearing up to become a champion team on the racetrack, winning high profile cups, stakes and derbies for Carter’s family, the Clays. Carter’s family is highly respected and nationally recognized for its horse training; however, Le Boss and Carter also share a mutual dream of becoming successful musicians in the rap game and are torn between winning races for the family and pursuing their love for Hip-Hop. Le Boss is a classic tale of working hard to find your voice in a world where sometimes you’re not always going to be understood.

Who is LE BOSS?
Le Boss is the son of Dance Floor, M.C. Hammer’s champion racehorse who retired to stud. It is rumored that Dance Floor taught Hammer all of his moves in the early 80’s while he was winning races for Hammer’s stable. His mother was Bonne Chance (”Good Luck” in French) who was owned by a crazy French fashion mogul, Jean Rue. Rue loved to gamble and was passionate about horse racing. He gave Le Boss his name at birth and spent every moment with him. Rue was eventually forced to give up Le Boss to Carter’s family after going bankrupt. He disappeared after going bankrupt and Le Boss has been trying to track him down ever since.

Sean Sylvester – Creator / Producer
Chase Sherman – Co-Producer
Jorge Vargas – Storyboard / Concept Artist
Juan Amaya – Video Producer
Mike Aparicio – Merchandise Production
David Iglesias – Graphic Design
Juan Carlos Valdes – Animation
Steven Alvarado – Animation

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