1972: Construction Of Miami-Dade College (Downtown Wolfson Campus)

MDC Construction Close-Up

Construction & Announcement SignDr. Thomas FryerWide ANgle Construction Shot in Downtown MiamiMDC Construction Close-Up

Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus is one of the main anchor points of Downtown Miami. For some of us that went to MDC’s other campuses, even briefly, always dreaded the times when that ONE class you absolutely needed (or wanted) was only being offered at the Downtown Wolfson Campus.

Either way, the campus was completed in 1973 and has since expanded to own a few more properties that surround it, including the Freedom Tower. In the photos above you can see the foundation of the construction, along with the surrounding buildings in that area of Downtown Miami. You can also see Dr. Thomas Fryer, the then vice president of the College, posing with the construction in the background.

Then, you can see the official sign placed on the construction site announcing the new campus and all the admissions info and board of trustees.

These photos were taken on or aroundΒ February 14, 1972. Courtesy of State Library & Archives of Florida. Click on images to enlarge.

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