Polaroid FotoBar Officially Opening Soon at The Falls



The First Polaroid Fotobar In Miami Comes To The Falls

polaroid-fotobar-logoThe Polaroid Fotobar introduces its new location at The Falls in Miami and are currently hiring. Located near Bloomingdale’s, the Polaroid Fotobar aims to provide a simple and creative outlet to export your photos from your phone and your Instagram account with great quality prints.

“The Polaroid Fotobar solves a common frustration for today’s photo obsessed society,” says Warren Struhl, Founder and CEO of this innovative store concept. “While more pictures are taken now than ever before in history, there has never been a simple way for people to liberate their photos from their smartphones, cameras, social platforms, or even old shoeboxes to create something special and physical that can be displayed on a wall, desk or shelf. Since the day we opened the first ever Polaroid Fotobar in March, we continue to see that “physical is the new digital,” and with the rollout of five more Polaroid Fotobar locations, we are giving even more people a way to preserve life’s great moments with a great selection of products.”

In addition to its new retail locations, Polaroid Fotobar recently began offering products using the format of the Polaroid Classic Border Logo on its website at www.polaroidfotobar.com, in addition to other custom photo art. “People love the iconic white border that Polaroid is famous for and the ability to write messages on that border,” says Struhl. All orders ship within 3 days.

“Polaroid is about easily sharing life’s most precious and memorable moments,” says Polaroid President and CEO Scott W. Hardy. “These new Polaroid Fotobar retail stores represent our values of self‑expression, creativity and fun perfectly and continue our proud 75 year tradition. We are very excited about the retail store expansion and the opportunity for consumers in these locations to have classic Polaroid experiences.”

Discover more at www.polaroidfotobar.com. Follow and share with them on Twitter @Fotobar and Polaroid Fotobar on Facebook and Instagram.


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